We make disability easier to understand.


Spectrum Ability's mission is to spread knowledge and understanding about disability.

Through an entertaining and simple approach, we make disability less scary to learn about. Even though our society is becoming more accessible, it is an easier task to build ramps than attitudes – we're there to bridge the gap.

We also realize that today's learners are our future. That's why we also provide educators with teaching resources that accompany our videos. By helping students learn about disability, they can better understand any peers with disabilities, or even incorporate accessibility and consider disability in their career goals and dreams.

Learn in moderation.

Disability can affect walking, hearing, seeing, understanding of the world and so much more. With so much to cover, we break down large topics into many smaller manageable chunks, giving viewers and students a chance to understand one concept before moving to another. All episodes are linked together and numbered for easy reference, both on our YouTube channel and on this website.

Partner with us!

Spectrum Ability is always looking to partner with disability organizations, schools, educators, businesses and other groups. If you are interested, simply introduce yourselves and we can discuss what's possible!

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