Build a more tolerant classroom.


By teaching about disability, you are shaping how students will experience a world full of different abilities.

Disability knows no borders. This is a global topic – students can take their knowledge of disability and use it anywhere in the world.

Choose how and what you teach.

We break down our topics into manageable parts, allowing you to choose what to focus on. Each part contains an animated video and a textbook chapter for students.

Each lesson has an accompanying webpage that has useful links and related videos from other sources!

Students will understand their peers better.

All students have a range of physical, learning and sensory abilities.

With a better understanding of disabilities, students can become better at including peers who have disabilities.

Through social acceptance, students with disabilities can thrive more easily.

Shape the future.

Imagine a world where disability is included in planning and design, rather than an afterthought. Imagine all of this was because everyone learned about disability in school – and understands it.

By teaching about disability, you can help make this a reality.

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